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We are the proud owners of UrbanLiving360. Like most of you, we were raised in the suburbs. Today, however, we live and play in Downtown Phoenix, where diversity, not sameness, is the rule. We have bucked the prevailing trend of the last half century, choosing to live, instead, a lifestyle more appropriate to our temperaments, our values, and our sense of adventure. In our family suburban homes, we watched the energetic, neighbor-friendly lifestyle on Friends and Seinfield – An urban lifestyle less dependent on cars, more supportive of local mom and pop services, restaurants serving unique entrees rather than replicate cuisines, and museums, arts, and entertainment only steps away from their homes. Now, we live this lifestyle. Downtown has filled a void we only thought existed on TV.

We are acutely aware that moving to a Downtown neighborhood is a lifestyle choice and is very different from just “buying a house.” And we respect the fact that it isn’t for everyone. But, if you are curious, take a look around our websites and our urban communities. You may find what we have found, THE place, where your life really comes together, balancing work and play, family and community. That intangible sense of having finally arrived – to be, at last, where you belong.

Again, welcome to UrbanLiving360. We are so delighted to share our discoveries with you.

Eva Kenney and Christine Leavitt


About Our Partners

Urban Living Specialists – To give you the most up-date-information on living in the urban core, we have partnered with other like-minded professionals across North America. Our partners share our excitement about Downtown living; we have carefully selected them for their comprehensive knowledge of the unique qualities of the urban area in which you are interested. They specialize in urban real estate and are in daily communication with developers, city planners, and project sales offices. They observe the trends, watch the prices; they know what is on the market now, as well as what is planned for the future. They can show you vacant lots where high-rises or brownstones will stand in a few years. They can point out loft spaces, historic districts, coffee shops, and art galleries that you never knew existed. They will be happy to share with you their passion of living downtown.

Downtown Merchant Partners – We believe in supporting our local Downtown merchants. Thus, each UrbanLiving360 city website has a Shop Local directory of Downtown restaurants and bars, shopping establishments, entertainment venues, and specialty services. Take a look! These businesses would love your support!

Research Partners – Because we know how important it is for individuals to make the correct lifestyle choice, UrbanLiving360 has teamed up with a group of eminent professors at Arizona State University to study the trend of Americans moving from the suburbs back to the urban core. We would like to know social, psychological and logistical obstacles and motivations for making such a lifestyle choice. If you would like to help, take a moment to complete the survey available at the Downtown website of your choice. Your responses will be held in confidence and fully protected from commercial use.


Featured Downtown Condo and Loft Community – Phoenix, Arizona

For the past two years, Downtown Phoenix has taken laborious, uphill baby steps toward revitalization. Today, we see, not baby steps, but a huge wave of energy that has culminated into a thriving urban community. Downtown-Phoenix-3Young professionals are moving to the modern lofts, condos, and high-rises as well as single family homes in the the lush historic districts. The Downtown Campus of Arizona State University has students living at Taylor Place, their new dorm, and the light rail makes the commute to the Tempe Campus a breeze. Everyone seems to be enjoying the new unique restaurants and bars as well as the beautiful Convention Center.

People who have made the move to Downtown Phoenix love to show off their new city. Our suburban friends are totally aghast – they had “no idea” Downtown Phoenix was so beautiful. Come take a look around. We think you would be pleasantly surprised, as well.

To view Downtown Phoenix properties and merchants, feel free to visit Phoenix UrbanLiving360.